Buildings of national authorities

Senat of Free City of Danzig

Built between 1882 - 1886 at Nowe Ogrody street (Neugarten) as building of Oberpräsidium and national government (Regierung) for 1.350.000 Mark. After the decision of Leage of Nations about establishing of Free City of Danzig became the main seat of Senat (government). Pulled down after the war, there is a building of municipal authorities on its place.

Building of Senat.

Plan of the building.

Main entrance and inside views.

Pulling down the building of Senat.

Volkstag of Free City of Danzig

At Nowe Ogrody street (Neugarten) by 500.000 Mark was built a building of province authorities (Provinzialverwaltung - Landeshaus). It was built in Danzig's renaissance style with many elements patterned on other famous buildings. During the period of Free City was a seat of Volkstag (Parliament) of Free City of Danzig. Pulled down after the war, there is a parking place and part of brighter 3 Maja Street now.

Building of Volkstag.

Plans of the building.


Location of Senat and Volkstag on old city map and estmate location on modern map.

Villa of President of Senat

Built between 1904 - 1906 at not existing now Hansa Square (Hansaplatz) was a home for Oberpräsident and during Free City period was a residence of President of Senat (Head of State). There is a skyscraper "Zieleniak" on its place today.

Villa of President of Senat.

Plan of the building and facade sketch.

Location of the building on old city map.

Pictures from book "Danzig und Seine Bauten", from "Zentralblatt der Bauverwaltung" No. 1 from 3 January 1885 and from collection of the author.