Gdañsk / Danzig


Ph. Rothstein described Danzig in 1894 in his "Danzig and Neighbourhood Guide":
"Danzig, called "Venice of the North", capital of West Prussia, from centuries, for its trade connections, had very important position in merchants' world. From 1200 to 1310 Pomeranian capital, from 1310 to 1454 under the rule of Teutonic Knights, from 1360 hanzeatic city, from 1450 to 1793 under Polish supremacy, 1793 incorporated to Prussia. In 1807, after embittered fights, had to give up French, after signing the peace treaty, in 1814 returned to Prussia..." In years 1920 - 1939 Free City, after 1945 in Polish borders. "...Danzig is one of few cities, which still understanding the modern requirements, preserved its characteristic style of architecture. There are many kinds of historical monuments, built during all historical periods of the city..."

Main railway station in Danzig.
Main railway station (Hauptbahnhof).
Main railway station (Hauptbahnhof).
Podwale Grodzkie street (Stadtgraben).
Hotel Eden at Podwale Grodzkie street (Stadtgraben).
Railway Administration building at Dyrekcyjna street (Am Olivaer Tor).
Villa of President of Senat at Hansa square (Hansaplatz).
St. Peter gymnasium and national archives (Staatsarchiv) at Hansa square.
Cinema UFA-Palast at Elzbietanska street (Elisabethkirchengasse).
Cinema UT-Lichtspiele at Elzbietanska street (Elisabethkirchengasse).
St. Elisabeth church.
Monument of fallen soldiers.
Residence of High Commissair of League of Nations.
Residence of High Commissair of League of Nations
Radaune channel in small park called Irrgarten.
Irrgarten park.
Promenade at Irrgarten park and residence of High Commissair.
Building of Friedrich Wilhelm Schützenhaus at 3 Maja street.
Tax office in the building of former mililtary school at 3 Maja street (Promenade).
Building of Senat seen from bridge at Hucisko (Silberhütte).
Building of Volkstag at Nowe Ogrody street (Neugarten).
View of 3 Maja street (Promenade) and Nowe Ogrody street (Neugarten).
Targ Drzewny square (Holzmarkt) with monument of victories.
Monument of German Victories at Targ Drzewny square (Holzmarkt).
Part of German Victories monument.
View of Targ Weglowy square (Kohlen Markt).
Department store Freymann at Targ Weglowy (Kohlen Markt).
Theater at Targ Weglowy (Kohlenmarkt).
Houses at Waly Jagiellonskie street (Dominikswall).
High Gate (Hohes Tor) and monument of Emperor Wilhelm at Waly Jagiellonskie street (Dominikswall).
Monument of Emperor Wilhelm at Waly Jagiellonskie street (Dominikswall).
Hotel Danziger Hof at Waly Jagiellonskie street (Dominikswall).
Waly Jagiellonskie (Dominikswall), view to Targ Weglowy (Kohlen Markt).
High Gate, Prison Tower (Stockturm) and Bank of Danzig seen from Targ Sienny (Heumarkt).
Bank of Danzig at Okopowa street (Karrenwall).
Bank of Westpreussen at Boguslawskiego street (An der Reitbahn).
Building of police presidence (Polizeipräsidium) at Okopowa street (Karrenwall).
Building of insurance company at Okopowa street (Wiebenwall).
Houses at Torture House at Boguslawskiego street (An der Reitbahn).
Houses at Torture House (Peinkammer) and Prison Tower (Stockturm) seen from Targ Weglowy (Kohlenmarkt).
Great Armory (Zeughaus) from Targ Weglowy (Kohlen Markt).
St. Georg Court and Golden Gate (Langgasser Tor).
Great synagogue at Boguslawskiego street (An der Reitbahn).
Great Armory seen from Tkacka street (Grosse Wollwebergasse).
Well at Great Armory.
Great Armory seen from Piwna street (Jopengasse).
View from Panska street (Junkergasse) to St. Catharine church (Katharinenkirche).
Great Mill and school of crafts.
St. Catharine church.
Great Mill and St. Catharine church.
Old Town Hall (Altstädtischer Rathaus).
View of Podwale Staromiejskie street (Altstädtischer Graben).
Market Hall at Dominikanski square (Dominikaner Platz).
St. Nicholas church (Nikolaikirche).
Swietojanska street (St. Johannisgasse) and tower of St. Nicholas church.
Piwna street (Jopengasse) and tower of St. Mary church.
Piwna street (Jopengasse) and tower of St. Mary church.
Building Schüter Haus at 1 Piwna street (Jopengasse 1).
View of Dluga street (Langgasse) and Golden Gate (Langgsser Tor).
Part of Dluga street (Langgasse).
Dluga street with the tower of City Hall (Rechtstädtisher Rathaus).
Portal of City Hall (Rechtstädtisher Rathaus).
Neptune's fountain at Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt).
View of Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt).
Neptune's fountain seen from one of the houses at Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt).
Dlugi Targ with Neptune's fountain.
Neptune's fountain (Neptunsbrunnen).
Entrance to Rathskeler restaurant.
Arthur's Court (Artushof).
Tower of City Hall and houses at Dlugi Targ.
View of Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt).
Houses at Dlugi Targ.
City side of Green Gate (Grünes Tor).
Green Gate seen from Green Bridge (Grüne Brücke).
View of Motlawa river (Mottlau) and Dlugie Pobrzeze street (Lange Brücke).
Granaries at Granary Island (Speicherinsel).
Power plant at Olowianka Island (Bleihof).
Motlawa river and Cow Bridge (Kuh Brücke).
Cow Bridge (Kuh Brücke) and Cow Gate (Kuhtor).
Cow Gate seen from Ogarna street (Hundegasse).
Houses at Ogarna street (Hundegasse).
View of Motlawa river with Crane (Krahntor).
Ships at Dlugie Pobrzeze street (Lange Brücke).
View of Dlugie Pobrzeze street (Lange Brücke) with St. Mary Gate (Frauentor) and observation tower (Sternwarte).
The Crane (Krahntor).
The Crane (Krahntor).
Rybackie Pobrzeze street (Fische Brücke) with Swan tower (Schwanturm).
Rybackie Pobrzeze street (Fische Brücke) with Swan tower (Schwanturm).
View of Motlawa from Wartka street (Am Brussende Wasser).
Wartka street (Am Braussende Wasser).
Houses at Karpia street (Karpfenseigen).
Stagiewna street (Milchkannengasse) with Stagiewna tower (Milchkannenturm).
Granaries at Granary Island (Speicherinsel).
Chmielna street (Hopfengasse).
Building of bank (Städtlische Sparkasse) at Granary Island.
Granaries at Granaty Island seen from Szafarnia street (Schäferei).
View of New Motlawa and Szafarnia street (Schäferei) with custom-house (Zollamt).
Ships at New Motlawa river.
Szafarnia street (Schäferei) with custom-house building (Zollamt).
Old house at Szafarnia street (Schäferei).
Stagiewna tower seen from Na Szopy bridge (Mattenbudenbrücke).
View of Dlugie Ogrody street (Langgarten).
St. Barbara church at Dlugie Ogrody street (Langgarten).
Mariacka street (Frauengasse).
Mariacka street (Frauengasse) and observation tower (Sternwarte).
Mariacka street (Frauengasse).
Mariacka street (Frauengasse).
Chlebnicka street (Brotbänkergasse).
Chlebnicka gate (Brotbänkertor).
English house at Chlebnicka street (Brotbänkergasse).
Tandeta street (Tagnetergasse) and St. John church (Johanniskirche).
Swietojanska street (St. Johannisgasse) and St. John church.
Tower of St. John church.
St. Mary church (Marienkirche) seen from Chlebnicka street.
St. Mary church (Marienkirche) and King's chapell.
St. Mary church (Marienkirche).
St. Mary church (Marienkirche).
View from tower of St. Mary church to St. John church.
View from tower of St. Mary church to tower of City Hall.
Towers of St. Mary church and City Hall seen from observation tower (Sternwarte).
St. Birgitta church.
Malarska street and St. Birgitta church.
St. Bartholomei church.
St. Jacobi church.
St. Peter and Paul church.
St. Trinity church.
Fountain at Maslany square (Winterplatz).
Small Armory.
St. Mary hospital (Marienkrankenhaus) at Kieturakisa street (Schleusengasse).
Building of Danziger Tabak Monopol at Lakowa street (Weidengasse).
Stadium (Niederkampfbahn) and Baths house at Dolne Miasto (Niederstadt).
Siennicki bridge (Breitenbachbrücke).
Railway station at Dolne Miasto (Niederstadt).
Mennonites' church.
Not existing street Schwarzes Meer and Apostle church.
Zulawska Gate (Langgarter Tor) before the war was called Long Gardens' Gate.
Lower Gate (Leegetor).
Stone Sluice (Steinschleuse)/
Houses at Wodopoj street (Pferdetränke).
Houses at Wiecierze street (Eimermacherhof).
Houses at Wiecierze street (Eimermacherhof).
Navigation school at Karpia street (Karpfenseigen).
Gate of Schichau shipyard - view from Jana z Kolna street (Schichaugasse).
View of Schichau shipyard with crane called Hammerkran.
Kartuska street (Karthauserstrasse) with protestant church of Saviour.
View of Siedlce (Schidlitz) with tower of Saviour church.
Gymnasium (Knabenschule) at Siedlce (Schidlitz) and Saviour church.
View of Siedlce (Schidlitz) from Chelm (Stolzenberg).
View of Emaus with catholic church of St. Franciskus.
View of Emaus (Emaus) with Lostowicka street (Wonneberger Weg) and Mickiewicza hill (Neue Wonneberg).
Emaus, houses at Kartuska street (Karthauserstrasse).
St. Franciskus church in Emaus.