Quarantine station

In 1920, after the Bolsheviks' offensive, Jews who lived in towns east of Warsaw began the escape through the Freie Stadt Danzig to the United States. At Przerobka (Troyl) at the place of prisoners' camp from the 1st World War the refugees' camp for emigrants was organized. There were 100 wooden barracks. Local authorities took daily fee of 30 Mk for adults and 18 Mk for children below 12 years old. The refugees' camp was closed in 1924.

At the same time another refugees' camp was organized at old German military barracks in Nowy Port (Neufahrwasser) next to railroad tracks. There were placed 500 Jewish families under the protection of HIAS for more than one year.

"As a city under international protection and a free port without visa restrictions, Danzig became the goal of thousands of Jewish refugees from Russia and Poland. Suddenly, the small Danzig community found itself confronting the monumental task of temporary care for people awaiting visas for America or Canada. Danzig Jewry, at first on its own, under the leadership of Rabbi Kälter, and later aided by the Joint Distribution Committee and Hias, cared for these refugees, many of whom arrived penniless. Refugees stayed in a special transit camp in Troyl, an island in the port area. In the period 1920-25, some sixty thousand Jews passed through Danzig." writes Gershon C. Bacon in his book "Danzig 1939: Treasures of a Destroyed Community"

Jewish emigrants with help of organization HIAS wanted to sail to the United States. Before they could go the ships they had to spend some time in a quarantine station, where they await passage to the U.S. Here are few pictures originally taken in September 1920 in quarantine station in Danzig:

Group of the Polish Jewish immigration-refugees in front of canteen, waiting for dinner at the quarantine station at Danzig, where they await passage to the U.S.
Polish Jewish refugees who have gone clean through a cleaning process, awaiting vouchers which will permit them to visit tbe city of Danzig.
Polish Jews waiting in quarantine station at Danzig for ships sailing for the U.S.
Jewish refugees waiting in the line before the ship to U.S.

Woman and children before the HIAS office in quarantine station in Danzig.
Group of Jewish before the HIAS offie in quarantine station in Danzig.
Jewish going to the ship sailing to USA.
Group of Jewish waiting in the port for the ship to USA.