Trams in Freie Stadt Danzig

The first line of omnibus from Danzig to Zoppot was opened in 1864. Nine years later, on 23rd June 1873 Deutsche Pferdeeisenbahn enterprise opened the first line of horse tram from the centre of Danzig, through Langfuhr to Oliva.
In 1891 enterprise Danziger Straßeneisenbahn was founded, it was bought by AEG from Berlin in 1894. One year later, AEG changed the lines, built traction and power plant and on 12th August 1896 the first line of electric tram was opened. At the same time AEG gives the administration to Allgemeine Straßen- und Eisenbahngesellschaft. In 1899 new enterprise Danziger Elektrische Straßenbahn was founded in Neufahrwasser.

In 1903 the two existing tram enterprises create one Danziger Elektrische Straßenbahn. Enterprise from Langfuhr gave 22,4 km of trackage, 67 engine cars and 67 tram cars, powerplant and 4 tram depots. The enterprise from Neufahrwasser gave 14,3 km of trackage, 20 engine cars, 16 tram cars, and depot with power plant.

On 1st July 1927 the line no. 4 was prolonged to Heubude. In 1929 the new road leading to Neufahrwasser, Marynarki Polskiej street (Paul Beneke Weg), was opened, new trackage was build along it and the old one was removed. In 1930 new trackage was built along Hallera street (Ostseestraße), Mickiewicza street (Bärenweg) and Legionów street (Heeresanger). The office of Danziger Elektrische Straßenbahn was moved to the building at Jaskowa Dolina street (Jäschkentalerweg). In 1937 the new depot in Langfuhr was opened.

Header of oryginal paper of Danziger Elektrische Straßenbahn
Temporary banknote issued by Danziger Elektrische Straßenbahn
Timetable for trams and busses

Since 1914 tram lines in Danzig have had numbers. In 20-ties there were ten different tram lines in Danzig.

1 DANZIG Kohlen Markt - Stadtgraben - Große Allee - Hauptstraße - Friedrich Allee - Kronprinzen Allee - LANGFUHR Friedensschluß  
2 DANZIG Kohlen Markt - Stadtgraben - Große Allee - Hauptstraße - Friedrich Allee - Kronprinzen Allee - OLIVA   
3 DANZIG Hansaplatz - Stadtgraben - Holz Markt - Kohlen Markt - Langgasse - Langer Markt - Langgarten - DANZIG Weidengasse
4 DANZIG Hansaplatz - Stadtgraben - Holz Markt - Kohlen Markt - Langgasse - Langer Markt - Langgarten - Troyl - HEUBUDE Strand  
5 DANZIG Weidengasse - Langgarten - Langer Markt - Langgasse - Stadtgraben - Große Allee - Ostseestraße - Bärenweg - Max-Halbe-Platz - LANGFUHR Heeresanger  
6 DANZIG An der Reitbahn - Altschottland - Günther Schaffer Wall - OHRA Bahnhof
7 DANZIG Silberhütte - Neugarten - Karthauserstraße - SCHIDLITZ
8 DANZIG Breitegasse - Holz Markt - Pfefferstadt - Hanzaplatz - Schichaugasse - Paul Beneke Weg - Wilhelmstraße - NEUFAHRWASSER Albrehtstraße   
9 LANGFUHR Brunshöferweg - Max-Halbe-Platz - Brösenerweg - Danzigerstraße - Brösen - Neufahrwasserweg - Wilhelmstraße - NEUFAHRWASSER Olivaerstraße   
10 OLIVA Am Markt - Am Schloßgarten - Seestraße - GLETTKAU  

Tram tickets and one bus ticket from Danzig:

Ticket's prices in 1929:

Danzig (Gdansk) - Langfuhr (Wrzeszcz) - 25 pfennig
Danzig (Gdansk) - Oliva (Oliwa) - 35 pfennig
Danzig (Gdansk) - Brösen (Brzezno) - 30 pfennig
Danzig Hauptbahnhof (Gdansk Dworzec Glowny) - Weidengasse (ul. £±kowa) - 15 pfennig
Danzig Hansaplatz (Gdansk plac Hanzy) - Heubude (Stogi) - 30 pfennig
Danzig Kohlenmarkt (Gdansk Targ Weglowy) - Ohra (Orunia) - 30 pfennig
Danzig Silberhütte (Gdansk Hucisko) - Emaus (Emaus) - 15 pfennig
Langfuhr (Wrzeszcz) - Brösen (Brzezno) - 15 pfennig
Oliva (Oliwa) - Glettkau (Jelitkowo) - 15 pfennig

Depot at Lenzgasse (near Lakowa street)
Depot in Neufahrwasser
Depot in Langfuhr at Wojska Polskiego street (Am Friedenschluß)
Orchester of Tram company in Danzig (Straßenbahn Kapelle Danzig)

In the first half of 20th century there were many different trams used in Danzig. There were still trams built before the First WW, and newer with two and four axis. Some of the cars were built in Danziger Waggonfabrik, other were built in different places, i.e. in Herbrandt company in Köln. During the Second WW trams model N came to Danzig. There were also very interesting car, model 242, the first tram in danzig with lower deck. There is still used in Danzig, on tourist line, one historical tram - Bergmann nr 266 built in 1927 in Danziger Waggonfabrik.

Trams can be find on many postcards:

Lower deck Pullman at railway station
Tram stop of line nr 6 in Orunia (Ohra)
Tram at Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt)
Tram station of line nr 10 in Jelitkowo (Glettkau)
Tram at Oliwska street (Olivaerstraße) in Nowy Port (Neufahrwasser)
Tram of line nr 8 at Targ Drzewny (Holzmarkt)
Tram of line nr 7 at Nowe Ogrody street (Neugarten)
Tram station of line nr 8 at Szeroka street (Breitegasse)
Tram at Podwale Grodzkie street (Stadtgraben)
Bergmann on the bridge at Stagiewna gate (Milchkannentor)
Two trams at Dlugie Ogrody street (Langgarten)

Other pictures of trams in Danzig:

Tram of line 2 - model 155
Tram of line 1 - model 303 - Pullman
Car of line 1 - model 371 - Pullman
Tram of line 4 - model 258 - Bergmann with car 48
Tram of line 2 - model 301 - Pullman - at Podwale Grodzkie street (Stadtgraben)
Tram of line 8 - model 280 - going to Nowy Port (Neufahrwasser)
Tram of line 2 - model 302 - Pullman - at Hucisko (Silberhütte)
Tram of line 2 - model 272 - at Hucisko (Silberhütte)
Tram of line 5 - model 266 - Bergmann - at Hucisko (Silberhütte) going to Lakowa street (Weidengasse)
Tram of line 10 - model 241 - Pullman - at the ending station in Jelitkowo (Glettkau)
Opata Rybiñskiego street (Am Schloßgarten) in Oliwa - line 10 - model 242
Tram station in Oliwa - line 2 - Pullman
Tram station in Oliwa - line 2 - Pullman
Wita Stwosza street (Kronprinzen Allee) in Oliwa - line 2 - Pullman
Wa³y Jagielloñskie street (Dominikswall) - line 2 - model 242
Podwale Grodzkie street (Stadtgraben) - line 1 - model 242
Tram station at main railway station - line 8 - model 280
Podwale Grodzkie street (Stadtgraben) - line 2 - Pullman
Hucisko street (Silberhütte) - line 7 - tram from Herbrandt company
Pomorska street (Seestraße) in Jelitkowo - line 10
Corner of Wolnosci street (Wilhelmstraße) and Wladyslawa IV street (Bergstraße) in Nowy Port - line 9 - Bergmann
Grunwaldzka street (Hauptstraße) in Wrzeszcz - line 1 - Bergmann
Station at Sandomierska street (Boltengasse) in Orunia - line 6 - Bergmann
Bergmann of line 6 at Stadtgebiet street (Trakt Sw. Wojciecha) near Podmiejska street (An der Schönfelder Brücke) in Orunia.
Before Dluga street (Langgasse) - line 4 - Bergmann
D³ugie Ogrody street (Langgarten) - line 4 - Bergmann
Opening the new line nr 4 to Stogi (Heubude) - Bergmann
Tram station at Targ Weglowy (Kohlen Markt)
Bergmann at Stagiewna gate (Milchkannentor)
Tram station at Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt)
Wojska Polskiego Ave. (Friedrich Allee)
Bergmann of line 2 at Zwyciêstwa Ave. (Große Allee)
At the Green Bridge (Grüne Brücke)
Tram at Wyzynna Gate (Hohes Tor)
Tram of line 6 at Zaroslak (Petershagen)
Tram at Targ Drzewny (Holz Markt)
Bergmann going to the beach at Stogi (Heubude)
Bergmann near the beach at Stogi (Heubude)
Tram station at Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt)
Bergmann of line 5 at Dlugi Targ (Langer Markt)
Tram stop at Dluga street (Langgasse) near the post office
Marjell'chen - tramway - model 242 of line 10 at the gate of park in Oliva
Tramway of line 1going to Targ Wêglowy (Kohlen Markt)
Tram stop at Targ Drzewny (Holz Markt)
Tram at Hansaplatz
Tram with two cars at Green Bridge (Grüne Brücke).
Tram at the church in Stogi (Heubude).
Tram going from the beach in Stogi (Heubude).
Tram stop Heimstätte at Wita Stwosza street (Friedenschluß).
Tram on Dlugi Targ (Langermarkt) at night.
Tram going from Dluga street (Langgasse) to Targ Weglowy (Kohlen Markt)
Tram of line 3 at the stop at Targ Weglowy (Kohlen Markt)
Bergmann at Dluga street (Langgasse)
Tram no. 270 at Lakowa street (Weidengasse).
Inside the tramway model 300